The promotion below can be applied together

Promo 1: Book your session in thsee time slot and get a max $5 off

For Art Jamming, get $2 off per pax when you book in planned timeslot

For workshop, get $5 off per pax when you book in planned timeslot

Promo 2: Help us reach more people and get max $6 off per pax

Get $1 off per pax by recommand us in each of the below platform, the more platform you recommand, the more discount you will get)


  • give us a recommand on google through this link
  • upload your photo or videos to our studio on google map through this link
  • give us a facebook review through this link (or search for breezedeck art jamming, go to review tab -> describe the experience/add photos)
  • write a public post ( check in location ‘breezedeck art jamming’ and @breezedeckArtJamming with photo or video)


  • follow our instagram and share a public post (not story). Please help to @breezedeck and check in ‘breezedeck art jamming’ with some photo or video
Wechat 微信
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service account 微信公众号
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wechat assistant 小助手微信
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Red 小红书
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